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I am just learning the process of “blogging” so have patience as we go along.
I really wanted to do this so that the friends of the farm could see all of our dreams for the future of Still Hollow.

It is a very cold week here in Eastern Tennessee and we won’t be doing as much as we had hoped inside the barn or on the grounds. If the weather breaks in the next week or so, we will move forward with our projects.
“Not just a barn”
As we make progress on the barn, I have been so overwhelmed with the process, I have forgotten the purpose…until yesterday..One of our June brides and her mother stood in front of the barn I knew so well. They had their own vision of what this would be to them as this mother and daughter stood in front of the big door and dreamed of her special day and the next chapter in both their lives.
I woke up this morning and suddenly realized I was only continuing with my story of this old barn as I share it with so many others. At first, I was reluctant to share this special place which holds so many memories dear to me. As each day passes, I realize this is how we will continue to share…Old memories and making new ones…

Star will be here on Saturday to show the ceremony and reception to the mother of one of our future grooms. Afterwards, we plan a short road trip to find some treasures for summer 2018 weddings.
The weather has not stopped Star from meeting with brides. She works around the dining room table with our summer, 2018 brides. Her fingers never stop, as she takes notes and offers advice, all the while, those handy cell phones with and pictures going back and forth across the table.
She wraps up in scarves and gloves, leggings and all, to walk the property, while a couple sees the farm come to life through her enthusiasm and vision.

This Saturday, January 27th. Star, Amy, Velvet, and Tammy will be in the toolshed to offer some of the cute things we have been posting. The weather is not supposed to be anything like we have had over the past two weeks, so get here early to browse the valentine specials.

I have shared the blog post from Carley Barnes Kibler on our web site. I hope you will enjoy reading about her beautiful fall wedding at the farm.

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